Video Game Environment Artist, World Builder, 3D Props & Objects, Level Design, & more.

Welcome to the home page of Kevin Burns.


I am Environment Artist in the video games industry.  For the past 20 years, my main job has been creating 3D levels, objects, and props for fantasy and sci-fi games.   I've done a little bit of everything for environment art projects; mainly 3D modeling and texturing zones, decorations, props, and objects, as well as other world building tasks; lighting, particle effects, level design, concept and background details.


I work primarily in Photoshop and Maya, but also have used 3DS Max, custom level building tools, Quixel, Unreal Engine, Substance, and ZBrush.


Beyond video games, I also do other work.  I've been working with TableWar Designs, doing artwork for some of their large 6' x 4' gaming mats.  I've also done some hobby 3D printing projects, making objects for tabletop games and cosplay bits.  And in my free time, I enjoy painting miniatures and building terrain for hobby games.