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EverQuest Online Adventures (PlayStation 2)

EQOA & EQOA: Frontiers


These were fun games to work on.  EQOA was an online MMORPG for the PS2, and Frontiers was it's expansion pack.  I was on the environment art team for both games, creating many outdoor terrain pieces, interior dungeon levels, buildings, objects, and I even got to make some monsters (a bat and a giant spider).

Terrain Tiles created for EQOA.  Tiles were sculpted in Maya and textures created in Photoshop.  Once the tiles were created, all the environment details (buildings, trees, dungeons, etc.) were added with in-house object placement tools.

Environments for EQOA.  Once the Terrain Tiles were constructed, the zones were detailed out with objects using EQOA's in-house tools.  Buildings, trees, rocks, particles, lights, and other decorations were all placed by hand.  Objects were created in Maya and textures in Photoshop.