Video Game Environment Artist, World Builder, 3D Props & Objects, Level Design, & more.

More about me!

Previewing Dr. Strange in 4D!

I was born in San Diego and have lived here my whole life.  I grew up in North County, but have been living in Mira Mesa for the past 14 years.


I've always been into art and games.  My first art class was in summer school in elementary school, and I've taken art classes throughout high school and college.  I've also always been a gamer.   It started with board games and video games.  In middle school, I got into D&D and computer games.  In college, I took a variety of art classes, and one of my favorites was the school's first computer art class, using their brand new Apple IIe computers.


While taking classes in college, I met some cool people and got to work on my first computer RPG, WarWizard 2.  These guys helped me get my foot in the door at SCEA's 989 Studios.  I started as a temp, working as Lead Game Tester for two PlayStation Games, NHL Faceoff '97 and 2Xtreme.  After that, I moved on to the EverQuest project as an Environment Artist and Level Designer.


More to come....